Our Group

Tower Aluminium Group is one of the leading manufacturing businesses in Nigeria and has carved out a niche in the aluminium down stream products. 
Our corporate symbol, the TOWER , illustrates the Towering Success achieved with commitment to partnerships with our suppliers and customers and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to responsible business leadership and good governance, and to making a positive impact on the economy, environment, communities in which we operate.

Our Business
We manufacture and market high quality Billets, rolled Coils, Circles, Pots and Pans, Roofing and extruded aluminium products, which meet the needs of our customers in Nigeria and West Africa since 1959. Tower Aluminium Group, with the massive investments in a fully vertically integrated plant enjoys the benefit of being present in a long and a total value chain organisation in West Africa.

Tower operations are Vertically Integrated & group has following Operational Dynamics :

tower aluminium group operation dynamics

Our core purpose
Our core purpose is to consistently meet or exceed the reasonable expectations of our major stakeholders (which specifically include our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the communities that surround us). We do this by creating value through the manufacture of high-value aluminium products as above. In doing so, we contribute to the upliftment of the standard of living in the region. 

Our vision
We continually seek to grow our business by satisfying the demands of our customers and supporting the growth of aluminium usage in our chosen market sectors. We aim to double the size of our business, within next five years. 

Our values
  • Mutual Respect
  • Working safely and responsibly
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Customer Value
  • Teamwork
Our promises
  • Earn a reputation for excellent customer service.
  • Generate respectable profits in our operations.
  • Set the benchmark in our industry for safe and responsible manufacturing.
  • Assist all employees to uplift their skill levels.
The standards we set ourselves
Our success will be measured by the extent to which:
  • We are respected and admired by all our stakeholders.
  • We are regarded as an employer of choice.
  • We are filled with pride in our achievements.
  • We make the world a better place.
Our People
  • They are Our Precious Assests
  • we have over the years invested  in professional and visionary management covering various fields of succesful Mangement.
  • Our professionals have ably steered the organization towards its towering success.
  • Our precious asset is our skilled, experienced and dedicated manpower. 
  • We assist all employees to uplift their technical & Management skill levelswhich include classroom training, in-plant training and overseas training. 

Quality Makes The Difference
 Tower has consciously adopted a policy of ‘Quality', in every sphere of its activity. 
A) The group is accredited with many prestigious awards for its contribution towards product quality. 
B) Keeping in line with international standards, Tower Aluminium Group companies are also ISO 9001 2000 certified.

Customer Focused
Tower Aluminium Group is customer focused. 
The group’s distribution system is reputed to be among the largest distribution network. 
The Tower Aluminium Groups’ innovative, high quality, durable products enjoy popularity and brand loyalty.

Taking Evironment Seriously
Environmental friendliness is key to tower. Effluent treatment is the part parcel of any operation of Tower. 
The quality of air, working environment, green surrounding and safety is never compromised. 
Tower was amongst the first to convert its operations to environment friendly energy generation and plant operations using  natural gas .
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